Terms and Conditions

Faredelights urge you to go through these Terms & Conditions as given below as it is a prerequisite of reservation. Acceptance of this policy is the recognition that you have read, accepted, and decided to follow these Terms & Conditions.

Booking and Fares

The website only shows airfares that are liable to interpretation, withdrawal, or modification by airlines without any prior notice till the completion of the final booking.

  • Faredelights shall not be liable for the cancellation of any services or bankruptcy by third-party associates, such as online travel agencies, hotels, rental car service providers, and all airlines.
  • Faredelights shall not be liable for any damage or loss of your baggage during your flight travel. Related issues need to be addressed directly to the airlines with which you are flying.

Using the Site/License/Proprietary Rights

You can use this site only if:

  • You are more than or 18 years of age;
  • Faredelights.com reserves the right to review all comments made on the website and also remove any comments that might be tagged unacceptable, insulting, or breaching the use of these Terms & Conditions;
  • You can use this website only to make legitimate bookings for yourself or for a person to whom you are legally entitled to act with;
  • You will send these Terms & Conditions to the person(s) on whose behalf you are making transactions on this website.

Provide Correct Details on the Website

  • You must provide us with acceptable and legitimate information of yours, in accordance with your documents or supported papers.
  • You must protect your personal account (if you have it). You must be solely responsible for the use of the account.You must not copy, edit, distribute, change, repeat, print, or license any file, content, product, or service through this website.
  • You must not copy, edit, distribute, change, repeat, print, or license any file, content, product, or service through this website.
  • You cannot sell or buy any product or service of this website from other providers in any way or form.
  • If you wish to comply with the User Agreement of Faredelights.com, you reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to deny entry to this site.

Cancellation and Exchange

Reservations made via Faredelights.com are 100% non-refundable until or otherwise stated by the concerned Service Providers(s). In case of any cancellation made by the Service Provider(s), you may receive a full refund which will be valid for any future booking made with Faredelight. You will be asked to pay the premium differential on potential flight bookings.

Please remember that Faredelights does not guarantee cancellations. In case of any cancellation made by the website, you or the user will completely be liable for all charges arising from such cancellations.


If faredelights.com takes any action to enact the Terms & Conditions, it may accept compensation from you, and you shall promise to pay all lawful costs, taxes, and charges other than any other relief, legal, or equity to which these third parties may be obligated. It is the responsibility of the user to check every line of these Terms & Conditions while using our website or third-party websites, and you should check all policies and terms of use before using our services.