Travel Information on cheap flight to West Virginia

West Virginia provides a genuine A-Z of adrenaline-pumping activities, from all-terrain vehicle rides along one of the world's largest off-road courses to night time zip lining through gorges. West Virginia welcomes you with rich mountain culture, magnificent landscape views, and endless outdoor activity and Travel Information Also. Plan your trip with the help of our exclusive vacation guide to get started on the right foot.

How to Book Cheap Flight Ticket to West Virginia (WV)?

West Virginia is home to some of the most beautiful scenery. The important reason to visit Virginia is skiing. Also, you can indulge in other sports activities, such as biking, hiking, or other outdoor adventures. In Virginia, you can find many parks to roam and relax.

But, now if you are planning to enjoy your vacation, then you must book cheap flights. In the below post, I will help you know to explore how to book cheap flight to West Virginia. In addition, you can explore other important and unknown West Virginia travel facts.

How many Airport nearby West Virginia?

Of obviously, the major airport in West Virginia is the one closest to the state capital. Yeager Airport, located just minutes from downtown Charleston, is accessible by significant airlines like Delta, American, United, Spirit, and many international carriers. 

West Virginia has seven airports that passengers can use for commercial and charter flights. The busiest airports in the state are Yeager and Tri-State.

West Virginia International Yeager Airport (CRW)

West Virginia International Yeager Airport is nearby city Of Charleston is around 4 Miles there are 4 Airlines Fly from This Airport: American airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Spirit Airlines.

Tri-State Airport – IATA Code – HTS

HTS is just around 5 miles from downtown Huntington, WV, Ashland, KY, and Ironton, OH, and is located right off I-64 Exit 1 in Kenova, West Virginia. There are two Airlines Fly from this Airport. Allegiant Air, American Airlines.

North Central West Virginia Airport – IATA Code – CKB

North Central West Virginia Airport is nearby city of Bridgeport and Clarksburg which is 1.5 miles and 8 miles from this Airport. There are 2 Airlines flying from this Airport: Allegiant Air, and United Airlines.

Morgantown Municipal Airport – IATA Code – MGW

Morgantown Municipal Airport is nearby city of Morgantown is around 5 Miles from this Airport. There is 1 Airline flying from this Airport which is Southern Airways.

Raleigh County Memorial Airport – IATA Code – BKW

Raleigh County Memorial Airport is a nearby city of Beckley is around 5 miles from this Airport. There is 1 Airline flying from this Airport which is Contour Airways.

Greenbrier Valley Airport – IATA Code – LWB

Greenbrier Valley Airport is a nearby city of Lewisburg is around 5 miles from this Airport. There is 1 Airline flying from this Airport which is United Airlines.

Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport – IATA Code – PKB

Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport is a nearby city of Parkersburg is around 10 miles from this Airport. There is 1 Airline flying from this Airport which is United Airlines.

What is the Most Affordable Flight to West Virginia?

In the previous 72 hours, the cheapest ticket to West Virginia from the United States was $29 one-way and $114 round-trip. The most common route is from Boston to Charleston, and the cheapest round-trip plane ticket discovered in the previous 72 hours on this route was $349.

Which month is regarded the cheapest to fly to West Virginia?

The cheapest month to fly to West Virginia is January. In contrast, the most expensive month is July. During July month, many tourists come to visit to West Virginia. Remember, there are many factors that determines the flights’ prices.

How to get best flights for West Virginia?

You can book cheap flights to West Virginia from faredelights website. Follow the below steps to book your tickets now:

  1. Visit the official portal, i.e., www.faredelights.com.
  2. Scroll and select from the two major Airlines that take you to West Virginia or to the near spot, i.e., American Airlines or Southern Airways Express.
  3. Select Round Trip or One-Way Trip (as per your preferences).
  4. Fill in the details, such as fly from, fly to, passengers, departure and arrival dates, etc.
  5. Click on the search option, present in Orange Tab.
  6. Select the flight and proceed to payments or follow the pop-up notification instructions.

How long does it take to reach West Virginia from United States Various Regions?

It takes around 1-4 hours to reach West Virginia from different places in the United States. Visit the faredelights portal, and check the total time as per your preferred state or city. You can also make a call to +1-833-368-1724 to get the best help in your bookings.

When should one-book flights to West Virginia?

You must plan your trip a month before from the departure date. You will get best prices. In addition, avoid booking tickets during weekend, as flights’ prices remain on demand, so rates are little high.

How is the weather like in West Virginia?

There are four different seasons in West Virginia. The winters are mild whereas the summers are warm. But, summer season is pleasant time. The upper and north areas experience more snow. The annual rainfall of the place ranges from 30 inches to 60 inches.

What are the top attractions of West Virginia?

The top tourists’ attractions of West Virginia are Cass Scenic Railroad, Sceneca Rocks State Park, Fayetteville, and Hawks Nest State Park. Scroll down and find the details for each spot in detail before you plan a trip to West Virginia.

1. Cass Scenic Railroad

Cass Scenic Railroad is country’s best part. Here you will get the details about the history when people use steam engines for their travel. In addition, here you can enjoy hills and valleys beauties. Apart from this, you can enjoy adventurous activities, like Hiking and mountain biking.

2. Sceneca Rocks State Park

Sceneca Rocks State Park is West Virginia’s natural sight where you can explore natural beauty. You can enjoy climbing and hiking at this place. Moreover, you can enjoy seeing forest coated hills and seas.

3. Fayetteville

Fayetteville is West Virginia’s tiny town. It is a historical place. But, here you can found any art galleries and gardens. The main reason to visit Fayetteville is it lie in natures amidst. The outdoor adventures of this place are Kayaking and water rafting.

4. Hawks Nest State Park

This is also one of the best places to visit. A number of activities can be performed here and the majestic views are worth exploring. So, by visiting West Virginia you can explore never-seen before forests, and memorable surroundings.

Which airlines operate on Virginia's west coast?

You must visit the faredelights to check flights. Explore and pick excellent flights, such as American, Delta, Spirit, and United Airlines. Also, find the best and affordable prices.

Which is the best West Virginia’s Airport?

Most of the flights lands in Yeafer Airport in West Virginia. This Airport is located in Charleston. Charleston is the West Virginia’s capital. Yeafer Airport is the West Virginia’s largest and busiest airport. So, you must book your tickets for the arrival at Charleston or Huntington.

What is the best time to fly right now?

The cheapest flight deals are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. If you book on Fridays and Sundays the prices are relatively high. Fridays are under most expensive flight days, because leisure tourists travels during Fridays. And, enjoy their complete weekends for Saturdays and Sundays. And, spend a long weekend from Friday to Sunday.

Why is West Virginia famous?

West Virginia's specialty cuisine is so delicious that they have their own festivals dedicated to them. West Virginia is famous for Buckwheat Pancakes, Honey, Golden Apples, Strawberries, Molasses, Maple Syrup, and Black Walnuts.

While there is no official state dessert in West Virginia, shoofly pie is widely regarded as one of the state's most iconic — and scrumptious — delicacies.

How to Get Cheap Flight to West Virginia: FAQs

1. What is the cheapest days to fly to West Virginia?

The most affordable days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

2. Which is the cheapest flight to West Virginia?

The cheapest flights to West Virginia are American Airlines or Southern Airways Express.

3. Which airlines fly to West Virginia?

The airlines fly to West Virginia are American Airlines or Southern Airways Express.

  1. American Airlines - 443 flights every month to or around West Virginia, including 260 flights to Yeager Airport (CRW).
  2. Southern Airways Express operates: It operates 247 flights per month to West Virginia. In addition, it also has 247 flights to Morgantown Municipal Airport (MGW).

4. Which month is best to visit West Virginia?

Most preferred month to visit West Virginia is Mid-June to July. Although, you can make a tour plan throughout the year.

5. What are the temperature ranges in West Virginia?

In West Virginia, the temperatures remains in between 16 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.

6. Which place is best for arrival in West Virginia?

You can fly into Charleston or Huntington.

7. Which is the nearest airport to WV (West Virginia)?

The nearest airport to West Virginia is PIT, i.e., Virginia Pittsburgh International Airport. From PIT, You have to drive 25 minutes to enter into the West Virginia. The other nearest airport is CKB, i.e., Central West Virginia Airport.

Which is the Nearest Airport to Reach West Virginia's North Eastern Corner?

Are you looking to get entrance in West Virginia’s North Eastern region? If yes, then the best alternative is Clarksburg’s North Central West Virginia Airport. The estimated time to reach this place is 1 hour 56 minutes from Charleston region. However, you can also fly from Baltimore, as flights are less expensive from here.