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Napa County is in California, north of San Francisco. The Napa Valley wine region is famous for its hundreds of hillside vineyards. Oxbow Public Market in Napa serves regional gourmet food. The Napa Valley Wine Train is a vintage locomotive and restaurant that travels through the valley. Yountville, located northwest of Napa, is for its high-end restaurants and sparkling wine.

What month is the best to visit Napa Valley?

Late March through June is a lovely time to visit the valley, and it is also one of the busiest tourist seasons, thanks to the ideal weather for al fresco tastings and excursions to Napa Valley wineries. Vineyard bud break occurs in the spring, and hills throughout the valley fill with foliage and wildflowers.

What is Napa Valley well-known for?

The Napa Valley, located in Central California, is well-known for its grapes and wine. People like horseback riding through the magnificent and breathtaking private vineyards for anniversaries, bachelorette parties, and even a weekend away.

5 Best Things to Do in Downtown Napa, California

Downtown Napa, the gateway to the world-famous Napa Valley wine area, is the ideal destination for wine fans, foodies, art connoisseurs, and outdoor enthusiasts. Downtown Napa, once a peaceful hamlet that tourists passed through on their way to Napa Valley, is gaining popularity. And it's easy to understand why.

Over ten years ago, the city began a successful redevelopment initiative. Downtown Napa became home to luxury accommodations, chic wine bars, restaurants with chefs trained by Napa's Culinary Institute of America (CIA), wine tasting rooms, and a stunning riverfront promenade following its resurgence.

Downtown Napa is reinventing itself to offer a dynamic art scene with an urban exhibition of public artworks, boutique shopping, new hotels, and a vibrant public market. Some of the Victorian mansions, with their late 1800s and early 1900s architecture, have been as small inns. Downtown Napa, with over 40 tasting rooms, provides convenient access to some of the world's top wines.

1. Art Collection

Downtown Napa is as one of California's most walkable wine country attractions, but it is much more than that. Downtown Napa features an open-air art museum featuring many outdoor art exhibits that may be on foot. Furthermore, the Napa Art Walk, a biennial, rotating sculpture display through downtown streets, is a stimulating event for art aficionados. Artist Alley on First Street Napa also has several murals and art pieces. Explore the Rail Arts District Napa (RAD Napa) for a more magnificent show that begins near downtown. This two-mile stretch of murals parallels the beginning of the Napa Valley Wine Train rails.

2. Waterfront

A visit to Downtown Napa would be incomplete if you did not view the riverbank and Veteran's Park, which are located on Main Street between the 2nd and 3rd Streets. The tranquil Napa River runs through midtown, creating magnificent scenes of ducks and kayaks paddling together in the water. But, this was not always the case. The town's tidal river has flooded many times throughout the years, devastating destruction and putting the community into a continual renaissance. The riverfront is now Downtown Napa's dazzling jewel, owing to an elaborate flood control project in the early 2000s. The Vine Trail, a paved path that arcs along the river, is with restaurants, stores, and renovated buildings. There is plenty of room for bikes and walkers on the wide pathway.

3. Napa River

Napa Valley Gondola offers authentic Venetian gondola rides along the Napa River. This cruise is ideal for a romantic evening for two or a group of friends of up to six people. The gondola, a 1,300-foot-long boat constructed of oak, walnut, and cherry wood, manufactures in Venice. Guests are welcome to bring their own wine to drink during this one-hour peaceful ride. The gondolier adds to the experience with a musical serenade. Departures are from the Napa Downtown Dock, which is right below the Riverfront Promenade.

4. Kayaking on the Napa River

Feeling a little more daring? Rent a kayak for a more intimate exploration of the Napa River's splendour. This is an easy way to appreciate one of Downtown Napa's shining gems, with no crowds, quiet water, and great views. It's also suitable for people of all fitness and experience levels. Take a break for a picnic lunch or a swim. You might see a river otter, a great blue heron, or any of the other natural birds that live in this riparian corridor. A local outfitter offers hiking, bike, and kayak tours from the Main Street boat dock (behind Morimoto's). Equipment can be rented by the hour.

5. Downtown Napa

Exploring Downtown Napa is simple by self-service bike rental kiosks. Choose between the Oxbow Public Market and the Napa River Inn at the Historic Napa Mill for two handy stations. Bicycling is an excellent way to get some fresh air, exercise, and see more of the sights. There are also many urban trails that encourage bicycling. A wide, paved promenade, for example, gives space for bicycles, pedestrians, and strollers along the riverbank. There is also a large, paved pathway in the Rail Arts District Napa, where the two-mile length of murals is located.


How do you get to Napa County Airport?

The Napa County Airport does not have commercial airline service in or out of it. To make use of air transportation services from the Napa Airport, investigate charter alternatives through the Napa Jet Centre or become a member of SurfAir.

Which airport should I fly into to get to Napa Valley?

Airport of Napa County

The closest airport to Napa Valley and the wine country is Napa County Airport. Napa Valley's nearest international airports are Oakland International Airport (50 miles south) and San Francisco International Airport (55 miles south). Napa Valley is 60 miles west of Sacramento International Airport.

Which airport is the most convenient for getting to Napa?

Sonoma County Airport - Schulz

Schulz - Sonoma County Airport (STS) is the most convenient airport because it is the nearest to Napa Valley and is top carriers like Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and Avelo Airlines.

What airlines fly into Napa County Airport?

Airport | Napa County, California

Please keep in mind that there is no commercial airplane service into or out of Napa County Airport. You can take advantage of air transportation services from Napa Airport by considering charter choices from Atlantic Aviation.

How can I get affordable Napa Valley tickets?

Begin your search as soon as workable, investigate local airports, and use points or miles — you have plenty of options! Another option is to use Expedia's "flexible dates" tool. Find a flight to Napa Valley, then look for the best deals on nearby dates. The best price for a flight to Napa Valley in the previous seven days was.

What is the cost of a plane ticket to Napa Valley?

Flights to Napa Valley have ranged from and in the last seven days. Prices vary depending on the departure time, seating class, airline, and how early the reservation is made.

How much does a flight to Napa Valley cost?

A roundtrip flight to Napa Valley was as little as $46 based on prices discovered in the last seven days. It's easier to find a fantastic deal if you can be flexible with your dates. Travelocity had this deal on flights to Napa Valley departing within the next year. The costs and availability may be subject to change at any time and prior notice. More conditions apply.

How do I discover the greatest flight deals to Napa Valley?

Be flexible with your dates, and you'll almost find a fantastic offer. When looking for flights on Travelocity, select "Flexible dates" from the drop-down menu to see all available dates and costs. Also, try to book ahead of time and avoid peak season. The cheapest round-trip flight to Napa Valley in the previous seven days was $46. Travelocity had this deal for flights departing within the next year. More conditions apply.