Book Cheap Flight Ticket to Chicago (CHI)

Chicago is an excellent focal point to explore 20th-century architecture and art, with marvels constructed by world-known architects such as Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, and boasting charms of the artists like Picasso, Mirõ, Dubuffet, and Chagall. Want to know more? Book cheap flights to Chicago (CHI) ASAP!!!

Flights tickets for Chicago for your last minute travel

Chicago has all that you would want in a city. It is filled with museums, beautiful venues and it is one of the amazing places where one can spend their vacation. Chicago is very diverse and there are so many art scenes to boast about along with the shopping districts that one can find here. Sports lovers will find this place great as the sports culture thrives here and the food here is delicious. So, let us see how one can get flights to Chicago easily and what are the top things that one should do when in Chicago.

Which is the best time to fly to Chicago?

During the summer months that are from June to August Chicago has the peak season of visitors as there is the Chicago festival season as well. So, at this time prices of flights might hike up. However, during the months of January to March, the place does not have that much crowd and ne can book cheap flights and even hotels.

What is the best time to book flight to Chicago?

As in the price might vary depending on the time one books a flight. But it is favourable to book a flight 20 days before your trip as the fares might be less.

How long it takes to reach Chicago?

Chicago is connected with two major airports that are O Hare International and the Midway International. So, if one is taking a flight from Los Angeles or Seattle then it might take around 4 hours but if a person is travelling from New York then around 2.5 hours would be spent to reach the destination.

Name some airlines that fly to Chicago

The following airlines fly to Chicago:

  • Jet Blue
  • South West Airlines
  • Midway International
  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airways

What are the top things to do in Chicago?

Some of the best things that one can do when in Chicago are:

Grant Park

This park is also known as the Chicago’s front yard. It is 313 acre of green space and it stretches to the northern fringes. The visitors who are coming to Chicago for the first time should surely visit this place.

Navy Pier

This place extends over to the Lake Michigan, and there are so many entertainment things to do here with friends and family. The first thing that one will find here is the Ferris tower which is 196 feet tall. Kids can enjoy rides here as well.

Lincoln Park Zoo

This is located to the north of Lincoln Park. This is a home for around 200 species and visitors here can watch the animals in their natural habitat.

What are some tips to fly to Chicago?

Chicago is a beautiful city and it is important that the visitors keep themselves and their family safe. So keeping the valuables and important stuff close and secure. Also, beware of the traffic and stay active.

Thus, one can enjoy a great time in Chicago and do a lot of fun things.