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Caribbean Airlines Limited is Trinidad and Tobago's state-owned airline and flag carrier. The airline also serves as the national carrier of Jamaica and Guyana. The airline, headquartered in Piarco's Iere House, operates flights to the Caribbean, North America, and South America from its base at Trinidad Piarco International Airport. Caribbean Airline companies are the Caribbean's leading carrier, employing over 1,700 people. The slogan of the company is The Warmth of the Islands.

On September 27, 2006, Caribbean Airlines was incorporated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. After failed negotiations between unions and the management of its predecessor, BWIA, Caribbean Airlines received approval from the Trinidad and Tobago government to begin operations in September 2006, on the recommendation of Peter Davies, CEO of BWIA West Indies Airways. As a result, on September 8, 2006, it was announced that BWIA would be decommissioned before the launch of Caribbean Airlines.

Service of Caribbean Airlines

We're dedicated to providing a secure, dependable, and professional service to all of our clients. We strive to make your experience with us enjoyable so that you will continue to use our services in the future. Unfortunately, not everything always goes as planned. Our operations may be influenced by factors within our control as well as factors beyond our control.

Services at the Brussels Airways

Our in-flight entertainment will make your flight go by. Do you want to entertain or learn something, or do you want to work? The option is yours and is available in all travel classes.

Baggage Delivery

Caribbean Airlines is committed to providing you with your checked baggage on time. If your checked baggage is delayed or misplaced, we will use reasonable efforts to return it to you within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that the frequency of flights and Customs procedures at your destination airport may have an impact on delivery times

Delayed Baggage

If your baggage is delayed, Caribbean Airlines will reimburse you for reasonable expenses by the Montreal and Warsaw Conventions, as applicable.

Lost Baggage

If your baggage does lose, we will recompense the reader in conformance with both the Montreal and Warsaw Conferences where relevant. We will also pay back you for any transportation fees incurred if your bag is lost.


Reservations can be made through our website, over the phone, or at any of our City/Airport Ticket Offices. Reservations made through our Call Center or at our Ticket Offices incur no extra fees.


Caribbean Airlines, like the majority of airlines, overbook flights. This is done because historical data indicates that some people do not cancel their reservations when their travel plans change. In the event that a flight is oversold, we will treat passengers by with applicable federal regulations and our policies and procedures for determining boarding priority.

Cancellations, Delays, and Diversions

Customers will be notified within 30 minutes of any known cancellations, delays of thirty (30) minutes, or diversions. CAL will provide flight status information in the boarding area for the flight, on its website, through the flight information display system, airport announcements, and on-board announcements, and through its telephone reservation system to anyone who inquires.

Some tips to get cheap flights from Caribbean Airlines

There are several simple ways for people to get discounts on flights and book them at low prices. Follow these guidelines:

  • People should book their flights with Caribbean Airlines ahead of time. This is because the closer the departure date is to the booking date, the higher the price. To save money, book early.
  • It has been observed that various service charges are incurred when booking online. To avoid these, it is best to book at the airport.

Cheapest month to fly to Caribbean Airlines

November and December are considered high seasons. February is the cheapest month to fly to the Caribbean. To find the best Caribbean flight deals, enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates into the search form above.